Monday, October 12, 2009


Hey everybody!!! So today i got pulled over by a cop. and i wasnt even driving!!!! hahaha i go to this weird school thats kinda like home schooling but absolutely not and i take two classes at the regular high school everyday and i have seminary every morning. i also dont have my license (let alone permit) so between seminary, (6:45 a.m to 7:35 a.m) my random Hallmark (said weird school)classes, and my fourth (11:20 a.m to 12:15 p.m) and sixth (2:10 p.m to 3:05 p.m) period classes at the high school, i find myself wandering aimlessly the street of Sanger. Thats not even the worse part!!! The worse part is that the regular Highschool has these super weird schedules and the classes don't always start at the same time so if I'll be in the middle of class at hallmark when I'm suppose to be at the Highschool!!! AND i have to walk back and forth from school to school. ITS AWFUL!!!!!! anyhow, this morning i thought id treat myself to a little Jamba Juice and a mini shopping spree at Walmart (its right across the street from the seminary building) since my first class didn't start till 9:30 today. So after i got my Jamba Juice and was heading across the parking lot toward Walmart i hear the loud buzz of a motorcycle. i casually turned around, noticed it was a Police Officer, and as i always do, smiled and waved. Well apparently he thought i was sassing him and he circled me and started questioning me about why i was'nt in school. Although i was scared out of my life, i very calmly answered all of his questions and showed him my Hallmark ID while he rolled his eyes at what im sure he thought were my "excuses". Anyway he called his boss and was trying to sound all professional and i thought for sure i was going to be swooped right off on that motorcycle of his to the police station where i would await a trial for walking to Walmart. After many "uh huh"s and "ohhh"s and "ok sir"s and "I've got a female, Walmart parking lot"s, he gave me back my ID card and buzzed off to give some old lady a parking ticket. When i called my mom to tell her what happened the best thing she could say was "Well I'm glad he was doing his job." maybe someday I'll understand parents...... maybe.......

Sunday, July 12, 2009


yes i know that the title of this may shock some of you. but this will be my last year in highschool. hopefully. im looking into completing my junior year fall semester and my senior year spring semester; something that my school offers and that i have seen happen. and frankly, im not gona lie, i realllyyyy dont like highschool. i would love to get out of it as soon as i possibly can. im ready for singles wards and roomates and dating returned missionarries. really, boys under 19 are dumb. lets face it. its the truth. im not saying that i want to get married right now, if i find him im not going to put it off for anything. i am going to do whatever the lord wants me to do. my plan is to go away to beauty school next fall. fall 2010, not this fall, get my degree and work my way through college. hopefully BYU. of course i should probably get my drivers license, and probably my permit first but i have a little while. at least a year. yah. i know what you guys are thinking. im too young. ill get to that point and not be ready to leave or mom and dad will never let me go. and that very well may be true but for now thats my plan and im happy with my plan. im hoping that my plan is going along with heavenly fathers plan and i dont plan on ditching whatever he has in store for me for what i want so hopefully ill make the right choices. like President Hinckley said, "sometimes the inspiration we are looking for, comes from making a decision and going for it. " not sure if thats the exact quote. but its something like that. i love you all! :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009


hello fellow bloggers. as you have probably noticed, my last blog was at the beginning of april. i seriously forgot that i had a blog, let alone a sister in law who was expecting me to catch up on curent events here in utah, and to give her an opportunity to catch up with my life in sunny california. sorry rachel. anyways, here i am. im afraid i dont have very much exciting news other than my beautiful niece is being baptized and confirmed a memeber of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints today. we are in utah visiting my oldest brother, his ever so lovely wife and his precious children. the oldest is getting baptized today. i had a very trying day today. fist i couldnt get coldstone and then i couldnt have a rocky mountain chocolate factory caramel apple. i was most vexed. and i was at a shopping center where there were mainly only clothing stores. it was horrible. but then i got my caramel apple and i was very content. i even shared with my many neices and nephews. i was proud of myself. i love utah. i think i would like to live here someday. maybe.............. till next time!! if i remember.......

anna bananna

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dissapointed in Oprah

yesterday i was flipping through the channells (a dangerous thing to do these days) and i stopped on oprah. i thought Oprah is usually pretty fun to watch but when i realized what they were talking (more like joking) about i changed the channel and i just felt soooo angry at the world. i feel sooooo sorry for kids who are raised by the TV because i can tell you for sure that the worlds way is NOT the Lords way. Sad. thats all i can say. Sad.

Friday, March 20, 2009


hello nobody!!!!!! i am a very boring blogger..... obviously. the only reason i have this blog is so that i can look at my amazingling never ending families blogs. i would write a whole long speech about obama but im afraid to die because apparently the last thing i typed about our so called "president" (hes not MY president, i will not call anyone my leader until they earn it.) was too uhhhmmmm..... strongly worded. i posted it, but it didnt show up...... (thank you Heavenly Father). anyways, somebody just really shocked me the other week. i was sitting at my friends house ranting and raving about AIG or GuaBay and i asked his sister in law for her opinion and she said " if you want to have friends, dont talk politics, and dont talk religion. " all that i could say was "WOW!!!! thats ALL i talk about!!!" HAHAHA and i still have friends soooo HA!! anywho i need my beauty rest. after all, i am turning 16 in 5 days. GOOD NIGHT!!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


i have been to more baby, bridal, and bachelorette parties than anyone can count. every time i think of baby showers i think of family, food, girls, and labor stories. but most of all, i think of is a home improvement episode i saw once when Jill is getting ready to throw a baby shower and Tim asks one of his mechanics what he thinks of baby showers on live television. the funny part about this is that the guy looks at him like its a question he hears every day and says, "well im against them!!!!! i think that babies should be given baths!!!" HAHAHA!!!!!! (if u dont see the humor in this thats ok, just about anything can make me laugh.) anyways i was at my cousin, robin/beandip's baby shower this morning and the way i am introduced to everybody that i dont know (a very few people) is "this is becky's daughter. the girl!!! she finally got a girl!!!!" its like im still a brand new little bundle of joy........ not that thats a bad thing.......... its just sometimes i would like to be introduced as, anna, the pretty one!!! hahahah!!! jkjkjk!!!!! im not THAT vain, but as much as i love having six brothers, noone likes to have anything rubbed in there face, even if it is good..... it just makes u feel................ idk....... not good enough? at least for me. but yah, i just got waaaaayyyy off topic. baby showers are fun!!! and we played a really fun game were we had to guess certain celebrities baby's names.... boy they had WIIIIIEEERRRRRDDDDD names....... Fifi Trixibel???????? WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT???? it sounds like a poodle... o wel. sorry if anyone is reading this who has a child named Fifi Trixibel..... i just think that is a hideous name. i like Blaze, and Sage, and Iris, and all kinds of wierd names that u might think are hideous. so we are even. :) ttfn!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


boys are mean. silly. self centered. humble. sweet. sour. loveable. hateable. but most of all.... mean. i want a returned missionary.