Monday, October 12, 2009


Hey everybody!!! So today i got pulled over by a cop. and i wasnt even driving!!!! hahaha i go to this weird school thats kinda like home schooling but absolutely not and i take two classes at the regular high school everyday and i have seminary every morning. i also dont have my license (let alone permit) so between seminary, (6:45 a.m to 7:35 a.m) my random Hallmark (said weird school)classes, and my fourth (11:20 a.m to 12:15 p.m) and sixth (2:10 p.m to 3:05 p.m) period classes at the high school, i find myself wandering aimlessly the street of Sanger. Thats not even the worse part!!! The worse part is that the regular Highschool has these super weird schedules and the classes don't always start at the same time so if I'll be in the middle of class at hallmark when I'm suppose to be at the Highschool!!! AND i have to walk back and forth from school to school. ITS AWFUL!!!!!! anyhow, this morning i thought id treat myself to a little Jamba Juice and a mini shopping spree at Walmart (its right across the street from the seminary building) since my first class didn't start till 9:30 today. So after i got my Jamba Juice and was heading across the parking lot toward Walmart i hear the loud buzz of a motorcycle. i casually turned around, noticed it was a Police Officer, and as i always do, smiled and waved. Well apparently he thought i was sassing him and he circled me and started questioning me about why i was'nt in school. Although i was scared out of my life, i very calmly answered all of his questions and showed him my Hallmark ID while he rolled his eyes at what im sure he thought were my "excuses". Anyway he called his boss and was trying to sound all professional and i thought for sure i was going to be swooped right off on that motorcycle of his to the police station where i would await a trial for walking to Walmart. After many "uh huh"s and "ohhh"s and "ok sir"s and "I've got a female, Walmart parking lot"s, he gave me back my ID card and buzzed off to give some old lady a parking ticket. When i called my mom to tell her what happened the best thing she could say was "Well I'm glad he was doing his job." maybe someday I'll understand parents...... maybe.......

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  1. Lol, oh Anna! What an experience! I guess you'll think twice about being nice to cops now, eh? ;-)